Norbert Dangel GmbH

Grosse Elbstrasse 117
22767 Hamburg

Phone: +49 (0)40 - 36 68 22
Telefax: +49 (0)40 - 37 27 92

E-Mail: dcs[at]dcs-express[dot]de

DCS provides ships agency, as well as husbandry services at all German ports, as well as many European ports.

This division of DCS's area of specialisation becomes more an more important, and DCS has handled feeder ships at Hamburg and Bremerhaven on a regular basis, and - as well - is acting as NAMSA agent for the military ships of the Royal Belgian, the Royal Dutch, the Royal Norwegian, the Royal Spanish, the Polish, Latvian, Turkish, Portuguese, and Greek Navy at all German ports.

As husbandry agents DCS is acting also as owners protecting agent, as well as cargo protecting agent at all German ports.

This covers the despatch of tramp and liner vessels with port authorities, supply of provisions and spare parts, arranging of repairs and crew treatment. These services are offered in the ports of Bremen, Hamburg and Bremerhaven, as well as in all other German ports at the Coasts of Baltic Sea and The North Sea..

DCS's ship's agency services include:

General Husbandry Services:
1. Port and berth information
2. Disbursements calculation in connection with all possible cost savings
3. Coordination and documentation of cargo operations of all kinds
4. Vessel's clearance with authorities
5. All kinds of waste disposal (garbage, sludge, slops etc.) as per national and international rules.

Drydocking / Repair Attendance
1. Coordination of deliveries and services, repairs, maintenance etc.
2. Arranging spare parts, and assistance in all purchasing matters
3. Close connection between owners/shipyard/vessel

Crew Changes
1. Coordination of all crew matters
2. Assistance in crew matters (medical care, transport, visa arrangements etc.)

Attendance to MARPOL (Port State Control Affairs)

Arranging of Transhipments of Cargoes

Arranging of Bunker Supplies

We have the local knowledge and strong personal relationships which in turn are supported by a national and international network. Our assured quality standards enable you to feel confident that your interests are fully covered by DCS.